“I was saddened to hear of my old friend and fellow Boone Creek bandmate Terry Baucom’s passing. Boone Creek blazed a trail and a new sound in Bluegrass back in the mid 1970’s. The band consisted of Terry, Wes Golding, Jerry Douglas, myself and many bass players, one of which was our friend Vince Gill. We were trying to be somewhat progressive but we all loved tradition so much that we couldn’t stray too far from the fold—but just enough to make the purists mad at us. Terry was originally hired to play fiddle in the band, but at the last minute, the banjo player decided to pass on the position. We had dates booked, and no banjo player, which is pretty important in a Bluegrass band, progressive or not. So before Terry left North Carolina, I called him up and told him the situation, and he said, “I can play a little bit of banjo, maybe enough to do these first few shows.” So he brought his fiddle and banjo to Lexington, Kentucky, where Jerry and I were living. After a few days of rehearsals, we realized that we had found our banjo player and fiddle player, and our baritone singer and bass singer. Wow! What a player and singer. All of that talent in one person was not too common back in those days. Bauc was one in a million. He kept us laughing all the time. I quote his sayings at least once a week. I loved him dearly. Terry, like all of us men, married up. His precious wife, Cindy, loved him to the end. I love you, Cindy. Thank you for how you loved Bauc and took care of him.

Terry went on to play in many other Bluegrass bands. He never tried to change his playing style, ever! He fit with everyone he worked with. He had the timing in his right hand and a good Sweep on his left wrist! He loved watches!

I’ve been blessed in my life to have had so many great musicians to stand on my left and on my right. Terry was one them. “You’ll be missed dear friend and brother. I’ll see you one day on the other side.” –Ricky Skaggs