“I believe that Jesse McReynolds was one of the most creative musicians that has ever played bluegrass music. He was as unique in his approach to the mandolin as Earl Scruggs was to the banjo. He was inspired by Bill Monroe and Pee Wee Lambert, the two most popular mandolin players of the day, but took what he had learned and made his own unique style of mandolin playing. Besides being a great musician and singer, he was one of the kindest  people I’ve ever met. I loved him very much. He was a Christian first, a husband, a father, and for many years a deacon in his church. Jesse and his brother Jim had a great career in bluegrass music, taking popular country music songs and rearranging them to fit their unique sound. The great electric guitar player Albert Lee once told me that he had heard Jesse McReynolds’ instrumental album where Jesse was playing through an Echoplex and it made Albert want to get one and start using it. For many years now, Albert has been known for his playing style through a delay unit like an Echoplex. Good seeds fell on good soil–that was Jesse’s life!!!”  – Ricky Skaggs

Photo credit: Grand Ole Opry archives. Pictured L to R: Jesse McReynolds, Ricky Skaggs, Jim McReynolds.