America……America, wake up!!!

I know you were not through sleeping, but I had to wake you up! No, it’s not early, it’s late! Sit up and listen, there’s some things I want to tell you that you have forgotten.

When you were just a little girl, you would cry out to me when you were hungry, or fell and stubbed your toe or skinned your elbow. You would always come running to me. You made me feel like you really needed me, like I was a Father to you. You called me “Father God!” Even on your currency you have the words, “In God We Trust.” Do you remember those days?  I know; it doesn’t seem like that long ago. I was always so happy when I would hear you pray and talk to me. I knew your voice above everyone else. I created you with a unique voice. No one sounds like you praying and crying out to me for help. I love you very much. Are you awake now? I need you to listen to what I am saying.

In the days before you were born, a precious man named Washington would pray and fight for you. He was a warrior and a General in Prayer, he was a true earthly Father. Sometimes he would grow weary in prayer and nearly give up believing the word and the vision that I had given him concerning you, wondering whether or not you would ever come. Then I would send a messenger to strengthen him with these words; “remember the vision.” In those hard, hard days, he prayed for you without ceasing. After being in battle all day long, he would come in and instead of lying down to rest, he’d go out and find a quiet place, and for hours he would cry out for you in prayer, and I would pray with him and strengthen him there. I was so grateful that a man with such high honor and distinction among men, was still so very humble. He was loved and highly favored in heaven, and I would answer his prayers because he was in Me and I and was in him and the Father was in Me! We live to answer prayers! Oh; how he would pray for you to come. You see, I had put the idea of a Little Girl named America in his heart long ago, so he was praying my will for you all along.  America, don’t go back to sleep. Stay awake and listen. There’s more I need to tell you.

There were others who had caught the same vision.  It was such a beautiful thing to hear them praying for you, all with one voice, and I was in total agreement with their prayers that you would come at the appointed time. Finally; you came. It was a hard birth, one with a lot of blood, death and sacrifice. I know; it was a rude awakening for you, but it was a great awakening for the Nations. You see, you were birthed in prayer. Are you hearing Me? Your swaddling clothes of red, white and blue that you were wrapped in, became a flag that flies over the nation as a celebration of your birth. You are very special to me!

I knew when you were still a baby that you needed the prayers, the love and the attention of a real Father, so again I chose Washington to make sure that you learned how to pray, how to stand up and believe My Word, to be humble, to walk straight and to choose my principals; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and not to choose the ways of the evil one. The devil and his lies come to steal, kill and destroy. He never wanted you to live, he hated you from the beginning. He knew I had given you birth to be a mighty nation, wholly given to a Holy God, so you were his enemy from your first breath. He tried to abort you many times, but what is called forth of God has the Host of the Mighty Armies of Heaven on its side! I fought many battles for you while you were still sleeping, and you never even knew it.

Through all of your disappointments and failures, you would come to me and ask for forgiveness, but when you had success, and things were going great for you, and when you became the envy of the whole world, you forgot about Me. You wanted to be like all the other Nations, but I created you to be a different Nation with a different Spirit, My Spirit!! You started calling good evil, and evil good, you started passing laws that were contrary to my Word, and it broke my heart. The shedding of innocent blood through abortion is nearly more than I can stand. It has saturated the land in every state of your Nation, and their blood cries out to me day and night like the blood of righteous Able. You’ve accepted the praises of your people and rejected Me and my presence. You’ve become wise in your own eyes! Your cities are full of lawlessness, your buildings are on fire, brother killing brother, and sister killing sister. America!! It’s time, you must wake up!! Did you forget how you became great? Do you remember when I said to you; “take heed that no one deceives you?” And the promise we made together; “Return to me and I will return to you?”

America, do you know that you were created for such a time as this? The Nations need you now more than ever.  This is the most critical time in your Nation’s history. Wake up! Stand up for truth, take a stand for Me again while there is still time! Do you remember your pledge of allegiance, “One Nation Under God?” Please don’t forget my promises and my love for you.

America, this is serious! You must wake up from your slumber, it’s time for you to shine with the Light and the Glory you were given. The Nations are all looking to see what choice you will make. All of Heaven is watching too. Your decisions and choices effect everyone. They are all looking to you for leadership! What are you gonna do; choose Me or choose the devil. I give everlasting life, he gives death and destruction. The choice is up to you. I chose you from the foundations of the world, but I can’t make you choose Me. I Am a Jealous God, and I won’t share you with anyone. You’re mine, but you have to choose who you will serve.

“Nevertheless, I have this one thing against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have first fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place—unless you repent.” Revelation 2:4-5, NKJV.

Are you listening to me America? Please don’t go back to sleep! I need you to stay awake now! I want to hear you praying again. I need to hear your people praying again. I’ll pray with you! I want to answer your prayers! I have so much more for you to do. Don’t give up now. I’m pleading with you once again!


I love you, ~ Jesus